NIFTY 18,625.00 -0.05% SENSEX 62,833.96 -0.02% BANKNIFTY 44,109.15 0.26% ADANIPORTS 737.70 0.18% ASIANPAINT 3,185.00 -0.85% AXISBANK 976.50 1.50% BAJAJ-AUTO 4,782.40 -0.38% BAJAJFINSV 1,470.65 0.22% BAJFINANCE 7,060.00 0.71% BHARTIARTL 830.60 -0.65% BPCL 362.45 0.37% BRITANNIA 4,886.45 0.23% CIPLA 965.35 -0.01% COALINDIA 229.05 0.42% DRREDDY 4,683.45 0.73% EICHERMOT 3,625.20 -0.88% GAIL 105.60 0.81% GRASIM 1,736.90 1.46% HCLTECH 1,122.70 -0.36% HDFC 2,662.65 0.33% HDFCBANK 1,614.45 0.36% HEROMOTOCO 2,939.30 -0.86% HINDALCO 417.30 -0.23% HINDUNILVR 2,632.60 -1.76% IBULHSGFIN 110.75 -0.72% ICICIBANK 940.65 0.29% INDUSINDBK 1,332.70 2.21% INDUSTOWER 157.50 0.16% INFY 1,267.05 -1.23% IOC 91.00 1.05% ITC 441.95 -0.21% JSWSTEEL 749.40 0.08% KOTAKBANK 1,874.90 -0.61% LT 2,358.70 0.79% M&M 1,364.50 -1.20% MARUTI 9,670.85 0.13% NTPC 182.50 0.25% ONGC 154.30 -1.15% POWERGRID 242.60 0.39% RELIANCE 2,503.00 0.13% SBIN 579.25 -1.57% SUNPHARMA 987.20 0.02% TATAMOTORS 563.65 0.71% TATASTEEL 109.25 -1.71% TCS 3,220.00 -0.51% TECHM 1,066.00 -0.49% TITAN 2,876.05 -0.03% ULTRACEMCO 8,160.80 0.75% UPL 690.05 0.00% VEDL 278.00 0.16% WIPRO 397.90 -0.41% YESBANK 16.50 -1.49% ZEEL 196.60 0.23%

Finally! A Winning Approach
to Discover Growth Stocks

Introducing Milars – A rule-based stock investment strategy that filters out
growth stocks and tells you What to buy, When to buy & When to sell.

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Maximize your wealth: The Milars way!

Milars is a growth stock picking & investment strategy based on six guiding principles.



Ride the rally when the market is in an uptrend & take defensive action when the market begins to weaken.



Invest in trending stocks belonging to the leading Industries &



Your portfolio deserves to be filled with winners that have the potential to generate substantial returns.


Acceleration in

Hold stocks that rise in value as a result of higher earnings achieved from higher sales and margins.


Relative Price

Choose stocks that are stronger than their peers in terms of Relative price strength.



MILARS follows strict selling rules for both cutting losses and booking profits.

Proprietary Screeners To Find Up-trending Stocks

Milars has discovered that 3 out of 4 stocks move in the same direction as the broader market.

This means that you stand a higher chance of making money when you invest in growth stocks in an up-trending market.

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Growth Investment Ideas from Leading Industries

Every market cycle has different sectors & Industries that trend the most & generate maximum profit.

Milars brings you rapidly growing Market Leaders that belong to such leading industries.

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Believe in Price & Its Sustainability

Stock Price really does reflect everything!

Milars proprietary screeners are designed to capture all the important price movements & determine their strengths so that you can invest in the right buy price.

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Cut your losses short and let your winners run

Winning in the stock market is not about being right all the time, but about losing the least when you are wrong.

With Milars unique predefined selling rules, you are bound to cut off the losers and only ride the winners!

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Milars helps you capture the momentum with ease

Experience Stress-Free Investing

Milars is a rule-based system that helps you take rational investment decisions throughout your investment tenure.

Invest with Confidence during all market cycles

Milars is a proven system that works in all kinds of market dynamics. All you need to do is stick to the rules.

Make emotion-free fact-based decisions

Emotions like panic, greed & fear often lead to wrong investing decisions. Milars helps you eliminate all that!

Why us?

Because we care!

  • We are with you-all the way:
    We are just one call away.
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  • Professional expertise & proprietary solutions:
    50+ years of combined experience & hi-tech algorithms dedicated to multiplying your wealth.
  • Never alone in your investment journey:
    Be assured of our entry-to-exit level guidance.
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" Hello StockAxis my last 2 years experience of this firm outstanding and very much satisfied. Even in market hour some stocks related query and overall market view guidance also perfectly update so specially thanks, Mrs Shivangi Pareek. "

Patel Krunalkumar Thakorbhai
Patel Krunalkumar Thakorbhai

" My experience to StockAxis very good. Last four-month very good stock recommend. Thanks, StockAxis group. "

Indu Joshi
Indu Joshi
Uttar Pradesh

" StockAxis amazing service. before I joining stock axis service I tried many more services but there are only chitting with customers. now I joining StockAxis and I am happy before I don't know how to buy and what to buy. but this service excellent and transfercy with all customers with very well staff. specially thanks to Akshay sir and Malay sir he is very comfortable with all query. and quick Response with all questions Thank you StockAxis always with me. "

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Jignesh Doshi

" Just as my patient trusts me I trust stockaxis completely. Excellent calls. Having a great experience. Keep up the good work. Looking forward for long relationship with stockaxis. "

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Dr. Nitin Itgampalli

" Excellent experience it's only a few months experience but it is really worth for me particular my adviser PRIYANKA CHINTA is very helpful whenever I ask any query she explained v.w. I appreciate her cooperation as well as her softness in reply thanks a lot PRIYANKA "

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Nitinkumar Shah

" Thanks for this email and taking care of customers portfolio at regular intervals of time. I am happy to have Stock Axis as my advisory and you as relationship manager. Appreciate complete team for recommending such best stocks which are so perfect fundamentally. The Best stock research advisory. As you asked, here i wanted to let you know that my portfolio is not aligned with the recommendations since I have withdrawn the same for some other reason. Sorry for this. But definitely I will again come on track very soon for sure. "

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Suntosh Uttekar

" My experience with stockaxis is quite good "

Satish Agarwal
Satish Agarwal
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" I have been associated with Stockaxis for the last 4 years. I used to receive calls & emails from Stockaxis at regular intervals. But I could not join because of fund constraints. I used to receive emails from Stockaxis to subscribe/ avoid IPOs. But unfortunately I could not get a single IPO as I always applied for one lot or I may be unlucky. I work in the Health & Family Welfare Deptt. of Government Organisation in a low position. Because of Corona & Health related issues, sometimes I remain busy. I also receive phone calls from different fake organisations to subscribe to their services which I always avoid. Few Numbers I have blocked. But I don't know how they collect phone numbers. The experience with stockaxis is fantastic. Your App & website are very good. The best practice adopted by stockaxis is that you never suggest Intraday Trade. The great fact about stockaxis is that it always tries to take care of the capital of the customers so that they never lose their hard earned money. Mam, In case of any requirement I will call you and drop mails. Also please feel free to call me & drop emails. "

Chandra Bhanu Panda
Chandra Bhanu Panda