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Subscription & Services

1) What is stockaxis?

stockaxis is a brand of Opulent Investment Adviser Private Limited (OIAPL), a renowned research house dedicated to offering top-notch equity research recommendations. OIAPL is a SEBI registered Research Analyst (Reg. No INH000007669) and Investment Adviser (Reg. No. INA000011644). We take pride in being your trusted equity research partner.

2) How can I benefit from stockaxis?

stockaxis offers stock recommendations to help you build your growth portfolio and achieve your financial goals.

3) Who can use stockaxis?

stockaxis is open to all individuals, whether you are a seasoned investor or a beginner looking to enter the stock market.

4) Are the stock recommendations reliable?

Yes, our experienced research analysts provide well-researched stock recommendations to make informed investment decisions.

5) How do I subscribe to stockaxis services?

Visit our website, choose from subscription plans, and follow a simple registration process to start benefiting from our services.

6) Is my personal and financial information secure?

Yes, we prioritize data security and use robust encryption to protect your information.

7) How can I contact customer support?

For assistance, reach our customer support team through the "Contact Us" section on our website.

8) What payment methods are accepted for subscriptions?

We accept credit/debit cards, net banking, and mobile wallets for convenient subscription payments.

9) What will I need to start investing with stockaxis?

To start investing with stockaxis, you will need to complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) process. This involves providing your name, email, mobile number, date of birth, PAN (Permanent Account Number), address, and other required information as per SEBI regulations to ensure compliance with investor protection measures.

10) Is there a minimum capital requirement for me to start investing with stockaxis?

No mandatory minimum capital requirement, but we recommend starting with 2-3 lakhs.

11) Where can I track my portfolio?

Conveniently track your portfolio in the 'My Portfolio' section on the dashboard.

12) Who shall be my primary contact person?

Your designated relationship manager will be your primary contact throughout your investment journey.

13) How does this service work?

Receive investment recommendations on what to buy, when to buy, and when to sell. Execute trades with your own stockbroker.

14) How will I receive the recommendations?

Real-time recommendations during market hours through WhatsApp, e-mails & App notification.

15) Will there be any additional charges for email and app notifications?

No, email and app notifications are part of our standard service and do not incur additional charges.

16) Will I receive recommendations on WhatsApp if I have an international phone number?

Yes, absolutely! Whether you have a local or international phone number, you will receive real-time recommendations through WhatsApp, email, and app notifications.

17) What kind of returns should I expect?

Returns in the stock market are unpredictable and beyond control. Focus on research, diversification, emotions, and risk management. Investing in quality stocks with the right allocation can lead to long-term growth.

18) Does stockaxis offer a Portfolio Management Service (PMS)?

No, stockaxis doesn't offer PMS. We provide transparent research and recommendations via WhatsApp, e-mails & App notification, allowing you to retain control over your funds.

19) What type of stock recommendations does stockaxis provide?

stockaxis provides diverse recommendations, including mid-cap, large-cap, and small-cap stocks, selected using our winning strategy called MILARS.

20) How many stocks do you recommend?

We typically recommend 10 - 15 stocks per year in each service. At any given time during a market uptrend, there could be 10 - 15 open positions. The exact number depends on the opportunities available in the market as assessed by our analysts.

21) Do you give short-term or long-term recommendations?

At stockaxis, we believe in both short-term and long-term investment strategies. Our approach involves riding the winners and cutting the losers. Our experienced team closely follows market trends and continues to hold profitable positions until the trend changes direction. This allows us to capitalize on potential gains and manage risks effectively.

22) Why should I add to my address book?

Adding to your address book ensures that our recommendations are delivered to your primary inbox without being marked as spam or ending up in your promotions folder. This way, you won't miss out on any investment opportunities.

23) How do I add to my address book?

The process is simple! Just follow the instructions provided below to ensure that our emails reach your primary inbox.

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Trial Offer

1) What is the offer for new users?

New users get a 14-day premium subscription for Rs. 199.

2) Who is eligible for this offer?

The offer is specifically designed for new users, meaning individuals who haven't subscribed to the premium service before. Existing users may not be eligible for this particular offer.

3) What does the premium subscription offer?

As a premium subscriber, you will enjoy the benefits of receiving the latest investment recommendations and priority customer support for the next 14 days.

4) What happens after the 14-day trial period?

Contact your relationship manager to continue the premium service after the trial period.

5) How do I avail the 14-day premium trial?

To start your 14-day premium trial, simply click here and follow the instructions provided. You'll receive 5 – 6 recommendations during the trial period via WhatsApp, Email, and app notifications during market hours.

stockaxis Services

1. Little Masters Service

1) What is Little Masters Service?

Little Masters Service is a stock research and recommendation service offered by stockaxis that specializes in high-growth small-cap stocks. It is rooted in the MILARS® Strategy and is designed to deliver high returns from up-trending small-cap stocks.

2) How does Little Masters Service select stocks?

Our meticulous selection process focuses on small-cap companies with the highest growth potential. We carefully curate a portfolio of 12 - 15 stocks based on MILARS® principles, identifying stocks from leading industries and top sectors that demonstrate remarkable price strength.

2. Emerging Market Leaders Service

1) What is Emerging Market Leaders Service?

Emerging Market Leaders Service is a stock research and recommendation service offered by stockaxis that is tailored to harness the potential of mid-cap stocks. It is built on the MILARS Strategy.

2) How are stocks selected for Emerging Market Leaders Service?

We carefully curate a universe of 12 to 15 mid-cap stocks that exhibit high price strength. Emerging Market Leaders Service focuses on mid-cap stocks that have demonstrated the potential to become market leaders. These companies often possess strong fundamentals, innovative business models, and a competitive edge within their industries.

3. Large Cap Focus Service

1) What is Large Cap Focus Service?

Large Cap Focus Service is a stock research and recommendation service offered by stockaxis that targets quality large-cap stocks known for stability and steady growth. It is built on the trusted MILARS Strategy.

2) How are stocks selected for Large Cap Focus Service?

Our team focuses on large-cap stocks, curating a collection of 12-15 blue-chip companies that have established themselves as industry leaders. These companies are known for their solid performance, market dominance, and history of delivering steady growth.

3) Why should I consider Large Cap Focus Service?

Large-cap stocks, also known as blue chip stocks, are renowned for their resilience and ability to weather market volatility. By investing in trending blue-chip stocks, you can enjoy the benefits of stability and the potential for steady growth in your investments.

4. Stocks on the Move

1) Is the Stocks on the Move service right for me?

If you are an investor seeking short-term gains in the equity market, then Stocks on the Move might be the perfect fit for you. This service helps you invest in premium stocks at the optimal technical ‘buy points,’ allowing you to capitalize on upward trends and generate returns.

2) Will I be using Stop Loss?

Yes. Stocks on the Move employs a strict stop-loss policy of 8-10% to ensure your capital is protected at all times.

3) What kind of stocks will I be investing in?

Stocks on the Move focuses on up-trending stocks that show strong potential for short-term gains based on technical analysis and market trends.

4) How often will I receive stock recommendations?

You will receive stock recommendations during market hours, ensuring you can act on time.

5) How will I receive the stock recommendations?

You will receive our buy and sell recommendations via WhatsApp, email, and mobile app notifications, along with the research reports.

6) What is the success rate of Stocks on the Move recommendations?

Our well-researched stock recommendations have delivered significant returns to our subscribers. For specific performance examples, please refer to our performance page.

7) What support is available if I have questions or need assistance?

Our support team is readily available to assist you. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact your dedicated relationship manager allotted to you via Call, WhatsApp and Email.

MILARS Strategy

1) What is MILARS?

MILARS (Market Direction, Industry Ranking, Leading Stock, Acceleration in Earnings, Relative Price Strength, Selling Rules) is our comprehensive approach to stock selection, designed to optimize performance and minimize risk.

Uptrend Opportunities: When the market is on the rise, we identify growth investment opportunities to enter the market, maximizing your potential for gains.

Defensive Measures: As the market weakens, we take defensive action to protect your profits and minimize potential losses. Our strategies aim to safeguard your hard-earned gains while prudently managing risk.

2) How does MILARS utilize Industry Ranking?

MILARS utilizes cutting-edge industry ranking to optimize investment decisions. This involves:

  • Identifying Winners: Our proprietary systems pinpoint leading industries with outstanding growth potential.
  • Securing Success: We recommend investing in companies within these top-ranked industries for long-term prosperity.
3) What does MILARS focus on when selecting Leading Stocks?
  • We focus on finding the best stocks that are likely to do well in the future, not just those that did well in the past.
  • We look for stocks with strong earnings and a bright future. These stocks can bring us big profits.
4) How does MILARS approach Acceleration in Earnings?
  • Making money is important. We target stocks with fast-growing earnings because it usually means the stock price will go up.
  • When a company is doing well and making more money, it attracts other investors, which can drive the stock price higher.
5) What is the significance of Relative Price Strength (RS) in MILARS?
  • We use RS to compare stocks and see which ones are performing well. It helps us find stocks that are likely to keep going up.
  • When we see a stock with strong price performance, it means it's in demand, and we want to invest in it to make gains.
6) How do MILARS' Selling Rules work?

Timing is everything in investing. Our selling rules are clear:

  • Cut losses, ride winners: If a stock isn't doing well, we sell it quickly to avoid big losses. But if a stock is doing great, we let it keep growing to maximize profits.
  • We don't let emotions drive our decisions. We have clear rules to protect our investments and make smart choices.