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Little masters
Small cap

Invest in up-trending Smallcap stocks screened through MILARS strategy to generate wealth.

Emerging market leaders
Mid cap

Generate wealth by riding momentum in Midcap stocks screened through MILARS strategy.

Large cap focus
Large cap

Achieve stable growth in your portfolio by investing in Bluechip stocks passed through MILARS strategy.


Synopsis: 1) Little masters, 2) Emerging market leaders, 3) Large cap focus

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Little masters

Core strategy Based on the strategic MILARS® system
Stock universe Small cap
No. of Stocks (per year) 15
Expected volatility High
Buy & Sell Alerts via SMS, email & app
Support Team

Emerging market leaders

Core strategy Based on the strategic MILARS® system
Stock universe Mid-cap
No. of Stocks (per year) 15
Expected volatility Moderate
Buy & Sell Alerts via SMS, email & app
Support Team

Large cap focus

Core strategy Based on the strategic MILARS® system
Stock universe Large-cap
No. of Stocks (per year) 15
Expected volatility Low
Buy & Sell Alerts via SMS, email & app
Support Team
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