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Ride the Upward Trend, Stocks on the Move

Trade in momentum stocks to capitalize short term opportunities
by riding strong, rapid price movements in the market.

Our Top Winners

Trade Smart with Momentum Stocks

Momentum stocks identified through technical research,
focus on both price and volume.

Capture strong momentum

Maximize Returns:

Objective: Our primary goal is to help you achieve the highest returns on your investments.

Strategy: We focus on identifying premium quality stocks with the potential for substantial price movements in the near future. These are carefully selected to provide you with the opportunity for significant gains over the short term.

Minimize Risks:

Objective: Capital protection is paramount. We aim to minimize the risks associated with investing in dynamic markets.

Strategy: Strict adherence to stop-loss measures (8-10%) is integral to our approach. This disciplined approach helps safeguard your capital, ensuring that potential losses are limited.

Time-weighted rate of return (TWRR)

Live Stocks on the Move vs
Max Drawdown

Returns Overview

Total positive picks

Total accuracy

No. of open positions

Avg. returns on +ve picks

Avg. returns on - ve picks

Avg. holding (months)


Note: The performance displayed above represents the investment outcomes of one of our clients. Past performance doesn't guarantee future returns.

Key Characteristics:

Premium Quality Stocks

We curate a selection of top-tier stocks to ensure the quality of your investment portfolio.

Technical Buy Points

Our strategy identifies strong technical entry points, optimizing your chances for profitable trades.

Short Term Profit Booking

We curate a selection of top-tier stocks to ensure the quality of your investment portfolio.

Diligent Stop Loss Adherence

Strict stop-loss measures are in place to protect your capital in volatile market conditions.

How It Works

Our MILARS® strategy combines meticulous research, technical analysis, and a proactive approach to market movements.

We provide you with real-time alerts for buying and selling opportunities, enabling you to make informed decisions swiftly.

Entry and exit guidance is offered to enhance your decision-making process, with a focus on capturing uptrends and booking profits at the right time.

Why it Matters

Consistency: By consistently maximizing returns and minimizing risks, we aim to provide a sustainable and reliable investment experience.

Confidence: Our approach instills confidence in your investment decisions, knowing that each recommendation aligns with a strategy geared towards both growth and risk management.

Fast and simple subscription process

1. Select your service

Choose the service that aligns with your preferences.

2. Fill up your details

Complete the subscription process by providing your information.

3. Select your service

You're all set to begin receiving real-time recommendations.

Subscription brings the following benefits

Access to Research

Gain access to meticulously researched stock recommendations and analysis.

Proven Track Record:

Stocks on the Move has a proven track record of success in identifying high-growth small-cap stocks, providing investors with opportunities to maximize their returns.

Smart Investment Opportunities:

Receive stock recommendations based on the proven MILARS® strategy.

Real-time Alerts:

Get alerts for buying and selling opportunities via WhatsApp, e-mails and mobile app notifications.

Dedicated Support:

Enjoy exceptional client support to assist you throughout your subscription period.

Access Anywhere:

Effortlessly access recommended stocks through the user-friendly web login and mobile app.

Building trust through happy clients

Your recommendation are very good

Like your reference and recommendations


Bharti Bhushan - 12/05/2024


Looking forward to great reccos .


Aninda Sircar - 12/05/2024

Trust & confidence comes while investing .

Nice experience of my hand in the hands of experienced and trustworthy, a great polite person Mr.Sandeep trimbakkar. Feeling fearless to invest .


Rakesh Kumar - 12/05/2024

Excellent research team

Just for academic purpose I had enrolled my self but in reality it is really exciting and excellent


Sheela Christopher Fredericks - 05/05/2024

Good service

Overall now new research team doing good works & max tips r profitable TNX MKS My RM madam Rydham attentive & prompt response


Mahendra Kantilal Shah - 05/05/2024

Got questions?
We have answers.

With stockaxis Services, you get to know what to buy, when to buy & when to sell. All you have to do is execute the trades once you receive our recommendations & then watch your equity portfolio grow.

You shall receive the recommendations on a real-time basis during market hours via WhatsApp, e-mails & App notification.

  • PAN card
  • Address Proof

You can easily keep track of your recommendations by logging in to our website or mobile app. You can also choose to invest & rest as we are constantly keeping track for you.

Fret not! You shall be allotted a Relationship Manager who shall accompany you on your investment journey with stockaxis & will ensure that all your queries are answered.

Returns in the stock market are unpredictable and beyond control. Focus on research, diversification, emotions, and risk management. Investing in quality stocks with the right allocation can lead to long-term growth.

stockaxis provides diverse recommendations, including mid-cap, large-cap, and small-cap stocks, selected using our winning strategy called MILARS.

We typically recommend 10 - 15 stocks per year in each service. At any given time during a market uptrend, there could be 10 - 15 open positions. The exact number depends on the opportunities available in the market as assessed by our analysts.

At stockaxis, we believe in both short-term and long-term investment strategies. Our approach involves riding the winners and cutting the losers. Our experienced team closely follows market trends and continues to hold profitable positions until the trend changes direction. This allows us to capitalize on potential gains and manage risks effectively.