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Why StockAxis

Core Values

We are committed to the well-being of our clients and the communities where we operate.



Honesty & Fairness guide every action of ours.
  • We exhibit loyalty to the company and foster loyalty in others.
  • We are fair with others and in all our dealings.
  • We adhere to high ethical standards of business conduct.

Client / Customer Focus

We focus on our clients and customers.
  • We understand and respect client and customer needs.
  • We develop positive, trustful relationships with customers and clients.
  • We are dedicated to providing the client with the highest levels of quality and service.
Client / Customer Focus
Openness & Trust

Openness & Trust

We value and reward openness and trust
  • We are straightforward, honest and direct in dealing with others.
  • We are friendly and approachable.
  • We encourage free and open discussion without judgment.

Team Work

We value individual excellence & work as a team across business boundaries.
  • We act for the benefit of the company regardless of business unit or self-interest.
  • We share information & resources with others.
  • We show respect for others and their points of view.
Team Work


We are dedicated, passionate and personally responsible.
  • We accept personal responsibility for our actions.
  • We demonstrate passion and high energy for getting results.
  • We are persistent and determined in the face of challenges.

We are entrepreneurs

We value individual excellence & work as a team across business boundaries.
  • We have a sense of urgency and a bias for action
  • We show high initiative to deliver results
  • We encourage risk-taking that has been carefully considered.
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