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Common Mistakes Most Investors Make

common mistakes most investors make
Success In The Market Is Achieved By Avoiding The Classic Mistakes Made Most Often By The Least Successful Investors.

Knute Rockne, the famous winning Notre Dame football coach used to say, "Build up your weakness until they become your strong points".

The reason people either lose money or achieve mediocre results in the stock market is that they simply make too many mistakes.

These are the mistakes you must avoid.
1. Stubbornly holding onto losses when they are very small & reasonable.
2. Buying On The Way Down In Price, Thus Ensuring Miserable Results.
3. Averaging Down In Price Rather Than Up When Buying.
4. Buying Large Amounts Of Low Priced Stocks Rather Than Smaller Amounts Of Higher Priced Stocks.
5. Wanting To Make A Quick & Easy Buck.
6. Buying On Tips, Rumours, Split Announcements & Other News Events, Stories Advisory Service Recommendations, Or Opinions You Hear From Supposed Market Experts On TV.
7. Selecting Second Rate Stocks Because Of Dividends Or Low Price-Earnings (P/E) Ratios.
8. Never Getting Out Of The Starting Gate Properly Due To Poor Selection Criteria & Not Knowing Exactly What To Look For In A Successful Company.
9. Buying Old Names You Are Familiar With.
10. Not Using Charts & Being Afraid Of Buying Stocks That Are Going Into New High Ground In Price.
11. Cashing In Small Profits Early While Holding The Losers.
12. Worrying Too Much About Taxes, Commission & Brokerage.
13. Speculating Too Heavily In Futures Because They Are Thought To Be a Way To Get Rich Quick.

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