BLS International wins contract from Republic of Estonia
29th Sep 2020

BLS International Services has won contract from Republic of Estonia. As per the terms of the contract, BLS is contracted to provide services with regards to issuance of digital ID to e-residents granted by the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board (PBGB) at 5 newly added locations. The locations mandated by the contract are Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Brazil and South African Republic.

While contract has duration of 5 years, BLS would be charging an average service fee of Rs 1,500 per application. BLS would also provide value-added services like providing assistance with application e-residency digital IDs, on which it would charge an average premium service fee of Rs 3,200 per application.

BLS International Services is a part of the four decadesold BLS Group with a global presence and diversified range of services in polymers and petrochemicals, education, electronics, asset management, visa processing and management consulting.