Panacea Biotec completes Phase 1/11 study to evaluate safety, immunogenicity of DengiAll
24th Sep 2020

Panacea Biotec has successfully completed its Phase I/II study to evaluate the safety and immunogenicity of its vaccine, DengiAll, a single-dose live-attenuated tetravalent vaccine.

DengiAll has illustrated the strength of Panacea Biotec's expertise in vaccinology, research, development, and manufacturing while leveraging NIH's ability to work on complex biological challenges to develop breakthrough technologies. Panacea Biotec through continued support from National Institutes of Health, Technology Development Board, and other stakeholders is in a better position to increase affordable access to DengiAll to fight Dengue, a disease that has eluded mankind for generations. With more than 3.9 billion people living in Dengue endemic areas and over 390 million infections per year, DengiAll targets a global market of over $3 billion.

Panacea Biotec is a leading research based Biotechnology Company with established research, manufacturing and marketing capabilities.