Vakrangee emerges as pioneer & key player in franchisee industry in India
10th Aug 2020

Vakrangee has emerged as a pioneer and key player in the franchisee industry in India. Grant Thornton has done a detailed study and released a report on ‘Franchising in India: A rural perspective’. The report explores various aspects of franchising business, its impact on rural India and acceptance across various sectors and players.

The report highlights that how Private players such as Vakrangee through their emphasis on rural India are taking India to the next level. Vakrangee has managed to boost rural entrepreneurship, increase the level of financial literacy, access to basic services, such as banking, ATM, insurance and create an alternative livelihood besides agriculture.

Vakrangee is the unique technology driven company focused on building India's largest network of lastmile retail outlets to deliver realtime banking & Financial Services, ATM, insurance, egovernance, ecommerce and logistics services to the unserved rural, semiurban and urban markets.