Valiant Communications provides comprehensive Cyber Security solution
21st Jul 2020

Valiant Communications (VCL) has provided a comprehensive Cyber Security solution designed to assist organizations to detect, prevent and secure their network against firewall breaches and cyber-attacks. Valiant’s Cyber Security Solution functions in real-time to alert the user against a network security breach and to take appropriate corrective measures, according to user’s custom defined network security policy.

All the products featured below are completely designed and manufactured in India by Valiant Communications Limited. Valiant is a domestic Indian manufacturer. These product are being offered to VCL customer for Indian and international market. VCL ‘Beyond the Firewall’ Cyber Security solution detects firewall breaches, network intrusions and cyber-attacks in ‘real-time’. It provides the user, the data, to conduct forensic analysis and trace the attack route which assists the user to identify the points of network vulnerability.

Valiant Communications is an equipment manufacturer of telecom transmission equipment and solutions with installations in over 90 countries, worldwide. Valiant's technological strengths span a wide section of the telecom transmission area including Protection Switching solutions.