Vision 10x Portfolio: Capturing Decade-long Economic Growth

Vision 10x Portfolio:
Capturing Decade-long Economic Growth

The Vision 10x Portfolio endeavours to identify 8 – 10 companies that are relatively stable in comparison to the broader market and endeavours to select stocks based on the financial strength of companies, management strategies and reputation, track record and liquidity.

Vision 10x Portfolio: Capturing Decade-long Economic Growth


Identifying deep value companies with the potential to become 10-baggers over the next decade – hand-picked by StockAxis through its incisive research, extensive experience and insights.


The Vision 10x Portfolio endeavours to identify companies that are relatively stable in comparison to the broader market and endeavours to select stocks based on the financial strength of companies, management strategies and reputation, track record and liquidity.

Stock Selection Process

StockAxis follows 4 key stages of screening potential 10x10 stocks:

Step 1: Potential Valuation Outliers

Our team of research analysts use a number of proprietary screening tools to shortlist stocks (from a large universe of companies) that meet the parameters of carrying the highest possibility of becoming 10-baggers.

Step 2: Fundamental research

Our research team then undertakes rigorous fundamental analysis of the shortlisted stocks meeting the stringent criteria. These potential valuation outliers must meet parameters such as earnings growth, profitability parameters, management experience and competence, return on equity benchmarks, competition analysis, etc.

Step 3: Business & Industry Research

The industry plays an important role too; the company should have industry tailwinds, product of a niche category, be a leader in its segment and have favourable business economics. These parameters support a good management to sail through rough business times.

Step 4: Stock monitoring and review

Stocks that qualify under our 'Vision 10x' criteria are recommended to our clients. These stocks are continuously monitored over the long term to assess their progress towards our investment target.

Vision 10x - Key Traits

Stocks Selection Style
Top-down. Thorough understanding of the industry and sector demand.
Bottom-up. Fundamental analysis of management quality, leadership skills, financial growth, and valuations of an individual company.
Portfolio Churn
Very low.
Most capital gains are long-term.
8 – 10 positions with proper diversification to avoid concentration risk.
Recommended Investment Tenure
10 Years.
Value added services
  • Access to Research Analysts.
  • Recommendations via SMS, email & mobile app notifications at real-time.
  • Research Reports & Regular Updates.
  • A Dedicated Relationship Manager.
  • Access to the Recommended Portfolio via Web Login and Mobile App.

Multibagger Portfolio Information

Fact Sheet


Vision 10x stocks represent fundamentally strong companies that have the potential to become ten-baggers over the long term. These stocks are available at attractive valuations and are expected to grow exponentially over the long term (up to 10 years).

If you are looking for stocks that will grow on a sustained basis and become gems in your investment portfolio, Vision 10x will spot such stocks for you. You must have the mindset to stay invested in such stocks for the long term while we monitor the growth path of these stocks to ensure that they achieve the target valuation, which, in turn, will result in exponential growth of your investment portfolio.

Vision 10x stocks are recommended to be held for a long-term horizon of up to 10 years.

The expected potential upside per Vision 10x recommendation is 800%-1000%.

Equity investing is risky; however, all stocks don’t carry the same amount of risk. Besides, holding for the long term reduces the risk in equity. Vision 10x stocks carry balanced risk and are hence, suitable for moderate risk-takers.

StockAxis Research team conducts 360-degree intensive research in order to filter out stocks with maximum potential to generate extraordinary wealth. Various factors such as company financials, management track record, price valuations, corporate governance, growth prospects, competition, industry group standing, and other factors are analysed before a company is considered to be a Vision 10x stock.

Owning equities is the best way to participate in the growing businesses, undoubtedly!

Join us today and participate in a real wealth creation journey

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