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Top 10 Industries

1. Metal - Non Ferrous

2. Refineries

3. Paper & Paper Products

4. Fertilizers

5. Dyes & Pigments

6. Chemicals

Rank Company Name Rating
1 Amal Ltd. 85  
2 Jayant Agro-Organics Ltd. 83  
3 Seya Industries Ltd. 79  
4 Vivid Global Industries Ltd. 79  
5 GHCL Ltd. 79  

7. Finance - Investment

Rank Company Name Rating
1 JM Financial Ltd. 82  
2 Bajaj Finserv Ltd. 79  
3 Pioneer Investcorp Ltd. 79  
4 IIFL Holdings Ltd. 79  
5 Garnet International Ltd. 78  

8. Pesticides & Agrochemicals

Rank Company Name Rating
1 Shivalik Rasayan Ltd. 85  
2 Super Crop Safe Ltd. 81  
3 Bharat Rasayan Ltd. 80  
4 UPL Ltd. 75  
5 Aimco Pesticides Ltd. 73  

9. Sugar

10. Finance - Housing


The Importance of Following Industry Trends

50% or More of Big Winners usually belong to Leading Industries. Roughly half of stock's move is driven by the strength of its respective Industry. Specific Industries lead each market cycle, you can see how worthwhile it is to consider a stocks industry before making a purchase. So, the importance of looking at the leading industries can not be ignored.

One can set the seal on the fact that; it is very crucial and worth your time to consider a stocks industry before you risk your hard earned money into it. We constantly provide you an updated list of the leading industries and the leading stocks belonging to those Industries.

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