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Welcome Investor! Try premium subscription for 14 days at Rs. 499 Rs. 199 only. Use Code: PREMIUM

Maximize your wealth:
The MILARS way!

MILARS is an award winning strategy based on six guiding principles.

The MILARS Strategy

This powerful investment strategy is based on six guiding principles

Market Direction

  • Invest only when the market is in an uptrend
  • Take defensive action when the market begins to weaken

Why is it Important
In many ways, the M in the MILARS strategy — market direction — is the most important.

You may be surprised to know that 3 out of 4 stocks move in the same direction as the market, either up or down. You may invest in quality stocks, but if the overall market is in a downtrend, it will be very hard for even the best stocks to move higher.

Simply put: If you buy a stock when the market is in a strong uptrend, you have a 75% chance of being right. But if you buy when the market is in a downtrend, you have a 75% chance of being wrong.

We keep an eye on the market direction; when our analysis confirms the start of an uptrend, that’s the time we recommend fundamentally strong stocks showing price-strength.

We constantly monitor your portfolio to make sure your gains are protected and losses are limited.

Our goal is to make money for our clients when the market is trending higher and to protect the profits when it starts heading lower.

That may sound obvious, but most investors pay no attention to the overall market direction. They invest randomly and simply ‘buy and hold’. It’s true that this strategy will make money during an uptrend, but ‘holding forever’ means not locking in your gains when a downtrend hits.

The truth is there is a good time and a bad time to buy stocks. Knowing the difference is the key to growing and protecting your stock market profits.

MILARS Portfolio Services - Key Traits

A powerful investment Strategy built on six guiding pillars

Stocks Recommendation

Stock Selection:

Focus on growth-oriented stocks qualifying MILARS guiding principles.

Stocks Recommendation

No. of Stocks in a Portfolio:

15 - 20 quality stocks.

Stocks Recommendation

Portfolio Churn:


Stocks Recommendation

Regular Rebalancing:

Stocks with deteriorating factors shall be advised to be sold and / or replaced with stronger positions.

Stocks Recommendation

Recommended Investment Tenure:

Minimum 1 Year.

Stocks Recommendation

Value added services:

  • Access to Research Analysts.
  • Recommendations via SMS, email & mobile app notifications at real-time.
  • Research Reports & Regular Updates.
  • A Dedicated Relationship Manager.
  • Access to the Recommended Portfolio via Web Login and Mobile App.

MILARS Portfolio Information

Fact Sheet

Why StockAxis MILARS Portfolio Service?

This powerful investment strategy is based on six guiding principles

Proven Strategy

Stock selection is based on MILARS strategy which consists of screening the companies with Leadership Qualities / Belonging to a Leading Industry / Showing Acceleration in Earnings and High Relative Strength.

Consistent Performance

StockAxis Flagship "MILARS Strategy" has consistently outperformed the benchmark across market cycles since its inception.

Predefined Selling Rules

It is the only strategy that has clearly defined the selling rules. 'Cut your losses short and let your winners run' is the golden rule to optimizing profits.

Active Portfolio Tracking

It’s not just Buy and Hold (or Forget) strategy. Analysts are actively tracking the price, financial performance, updates, etc. of the companies recommended.


Frequently Asked Questions

MILARS Portfolio Service is the perfect choice for investors who are looking for expert assistance in building a growth portfolio in Indian equity markets while also retaining control over their investments.

MILARS aims at building a quality portfolio which can generate wealth for the investors over a long-term horizon. The idea is to hold only high quality, fundamentally sound stocks which are bought at the correct valuations to ensure maximum profitability with reasonable risk.

MILARS Portfolio Service research is backed by the MILARS strategy, which consists of the six guiding pillars and upholds our investment philosophy. Your portfolio will contain an optimum mix of stocks based on the size of your investment corpus.

MILARS, being a Portfolio Service, will recommend stocks based on the MILARS guiding principles. You will need to execute trades with your own broker.

We believe in complete transparency and understand that the investors require to know where they have invested their hard-earned money and why. Investors will have complete access to the research reports of their respective investments.

We strive to beat the benchmark (NIFTY) returns every year. Our back-tested data suggests returns of over 35% per annum by diligently following the MILARS Portfolio.

MILARS will help you build a portfolio with a long-term view and stocks will be added or removed according to the strategy.

No. With MILARS Portfolio Service, all you have to do is invest and rest. We will constantly track your portfolio and notify you if or when any changes in the positions are required. However, you can track your investments if you desire.

You can upload and track your portfolio via your dashboard in our website and mobile application.

Yes, you can add more funds in your portfolio at any time and your portfolio will be rebalanced by MILARS.

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