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Terms of Service

The Client hereby appoints Opulent Investment Adviser (hereinafter referred to as "Opulent") to provide Advisory Services in accordance with the terms mentioned below. By acceptance and acknowledging consent electronically, the client agrees to be bound by such terms.

1) KYC & Risk Profiling

  1. The Client agrees to provide any information we may request from time to time, in order to enable Opulent to perform its services or to comply with any laws, regulations, and policies (including, without limitation, "know your client (KYC)" requirements, risk profiling etc.).

2) Investment Amount

  1. The Client shall maintain the required minimum investment amount under each Service as may be specified by Opulent.
  2. The Client can invest additional funds in his portfolio at any point in time. When the Client wishes to invest an additional amount or add additional Securities under Advisory Services, Opulent shall help the Client in realigning the Portfolio.

3) Minimum Service Period

  1. The period of Advisory Service to be provided under the MILARS service shall be for 3 months and 1 year for other services. The said period shall start from the date of activation of the service and shall be automatically renewed for 3/ months / 1 year unless terminated otherwise. For instance, if the Client has chosen the MILARS strategy, on the expiry of 3 months, unless terminated otherwise, the period of service shall extend to a further period of 3 months. Likewise, unless terminated otherwise, the period of service shall keep extending to a further period of 3 months.

4) Advisory Fee

  1. The Client shall pay the Advisory Fee in the form of an upfront advisory fee at the beginning of the service and on renewals or a performance-based fee or a combination of both to Opulent at the rate and in a manner set out as per the plan selected. The Client understands and agrees that the Advisory Fee shall be exclusive of the goods and services tax or any other taxes applicable from time to time.
  2. In the event of a subscription of multiple services, the Client understands and agrees that the Advisory fee, either in the form of an upfront advisory fee or in the form of a performance-based fee, shall be calculated separately.
  3. Upfront Fee Payable: -
    1. As mentioned in our website link here
  4. Performance-based Fee: -
    1. A performance-based fee of 15% or as mutually decided by the client and the Opulent, shall be charged on the returns generated in the recommended portfolio subject to the High watermark principle wherein the calculation of returns in the First service period shall be: Return = Closing Portfolio Value - Corpus & thereafter for the subsequent service periods the calculation shall be: Return = Closing Portfolio Value - High Watermark.
    2. High Water Mark is the highest value that a portfolio has reached. Value of the portfolio for computation of high watermark is the value on the date when performance-based fee is calculated. The performance-based fee will be charged only on an increase in the portfolio value over and above the previously achieved high watermark.
  5. The performance-based fee of a year shall be adjusted against the upfront advisory fee paid for that particular year.
  6. In case the performance-based fee calculated is more than the upfront advisory fee paid, the client shall pay the due balance for that particular year and can commence his/her services for the next year by paying an upfront advisory fee for the next one year.
  7. In case the performance-based fee calculated is lower than the upfront advisory fee paid, the client shall not pay any performance-based fee for that particular year and can commence his/her services for the next year by paying an upfront advisory fee for the next one year.
  8. In case the portfolio value at the end of the year is less than the highest watermarked amount, the service shall be rolled over to the next year without any additional cost in the form of either a performance-based fee for that year or an upfront advisory fee for the next year.
  9. The fee shall be calculated on a quarterly basis in case of MILARS Portfolio and annually in case of all other services in accordance with the service activation date. The client shall be allotted a grace period of 15 days from the date of the P/L calculation to pay the fee in full.
  10. Illustration Table: Calculation of the Advisory fee
Year Ending Upfront Advisory Fee Starting Value Gain / Loss Ending Value Performance Fee (15%) Performance Fee Payable HWM*
0 20,000 10,00,000
1st 20,000 10,00,000 2,00,000 12,00,000 30,000 10,000 12,00,000
2nd Nil^ 12,00,000 -1,00,000 11,00,000 Nil Nil 12,00,000
3rd 20,000 11,00,000 4,00,000 15,00,000 45,000 45,000 15,00,000
4th 20,000 15,00,000 2,00,000 17,00,000 30,000 10,000 17,00,000
5th Nil 17,00,000 -2,00,000 15,00,000 Nil Nil 17,00,000

^In the 2nd year, since the portfolio value (Rs 11 lakh) is less than the high watermark (Rs 12 lakh), no upfront fee is payable for the 3rd year of service.

*Highest Water Mark Value for the following year

  1. The Client hereby agrees to pay the Portfolio Advisory Fee within the due date from his/her own bank account only.
  2. The Client is aware and agrees that the Portfolio Advisory Fee once paid is non-refundable under any circumstances whatsoever.

5) Termination

  1. Opulent shall be entitled to terminate the service without prior notice if the Client fails to pay the Advisory Fee payable within the stipulated time.
  2. The parties herein agree that on the expiry of the service period, the parties shall be entitled to terminate the service without assigning any reason.
  3. In addition to being entitled to terminate the service under the aforesaid clause, subject to the Minimum Period as enumerated in point no. 3 (a), either Party may at any time terminate the service by giving no less than 30 days of written notice of termination to the other Party.
  4. On termination of the service, the Client may hold or sell a few or all the investments recommended by Opulent. The Client shall not receive any further advice/recommendations to buy or sell the existing investments.
  5. The Client understands and agrees to pay the outstanding Advisory Fee, if any, before terminating Opulent's service.

6) Indemnity

  1. The Client hereby agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified Opulent, its directors, employees, affiliates, and representatives for all the liabilities and losses arising due to non-performance and/or non-observance of duties and obligations cast on the Client.

7) An indicative list of the risks that may be associated with investment is set out below:

  1. Price/Volatility Risk: Equity Markets can show large fluctuations in price, even within short periods of time. Investors should be aware of this and only invest in equity or equity-related products if their investment horizon is long enough to support these important price movements.
  2. Not following the recommendations or allocations may impact the profitability of the Portfolio.
  3. System/Network Congestion: Recommendations communicated via electronic modes i.e. Email, SMS, Notifications, etc. consists of the possibility of delivery failure, which may be beyond our control.
  4. The Client hereby confirms that he/she understands the risks involved in equity investing and is aware that the value of the investments could substantially depreciate to an unpredictable extent.
NIFTY 10,607.35 0.53% SENSEX 36,012.93 0.47% BANKNIFTY 21,852.40 -0.46% ADANIPORTS 360.40 3.92% ASIANPAINT 1,695.65 0.55% AXISBANK 428.45 1.24% BAJAJ-AUTO 2,932.40 1.84% BAJAJFINSV 6,149.40 -0.64% BAJFINANCE 2,931.50 -1.10% BHARTIARTL 581.45 4.12% BPCL 385.40 0.50% BRITANNIA 3,538.35 0.09% CIPLA 638.80 -1.15% COALINDIA 135.25 1.24% DRREDDY 3,921.45 0.02% EICHERMOT 18,983.50 3.43% GAIL 104.90 1.35% GRASIM 628.15 1.65% HCLTECH 579.15 1.75% HDFC 1,885.20 -0.22% HDFCBANK 1,073.95 -1.42% HEROMOTOCO 2,738.25 2.50% HINDALCO 146.40 -0.91% HINDUNILVR 2,173.70 1.02% IBULHSGFIN 231.05 2.55% ICICIBANK 361.00 -0.51% INDUSINDBK 487.20 -1.54% INFRATEL 226.70 1.96% INFY 762.70 0.81% IOC 87.85 -0.57% ITC 207.55 0.83% JSWSTEEL 190.95 -1.80% KOTAKBANK 1,353.80 0.13% LT 944.25 0.31% M&M 530.50 0.15% MARUTI 5,932.10 -0.27% NTPC 94.50 1.18% ONGC 82.40 0.67% POWERGRID 177.60 1.43% RELIANCE 1,787.90 1.57% SBIN 184.70 -0.40% SUNPHARMA 476.85 0.81% TATAMOTORS 103.45 1.87% TATASTEEL 329.90 -1.49% TCS 2,199.65 1.97% TECHM 567.20 1.13% TITAN 1,003.50 1.73% ULTRACEMCO 3,889.60 -0.65% UPL 444.20 0.40% VEDL 106.45 0.05% WIPRO 224.80 0.27% YESBANK 26.15 -0.38% ZEEL 172.25 -1.23%