Stock Rating

A System to achieve remarkable investing success

Stock Ratings is a proprietary rating system of which is based on the combination of both Fundamental & Technical Rating. Fundamental Rating includes various financial data from the income statement, balance sheet, and Cash Flow statement items such as Sales, Profit, All Important Ratios, Cash Flows, Working Capital, Cash Conversion Cycle, etc. over the past quarters and years.Technical Rating comprises of most of the technical parameters such as price, volume, moving averages, MACD, RSI, Fibonacci and many more key indicators to understand the long term strength of a company. We have rating of over 1500 listed companies.

Stocks are rated on a scale from 1 to 99, with 99 being the best.

Rating Chart

Stocks with higher rating offer a higher probability of achieving gains with a lower downside risk. In other words, stocks with high rating increase the odds of winning and decrease the risk of losing when compared to low rating stocks.

You should aim to buy the top rated stock when the Trend of the stock turns UP and hold it till the trend of the stock turns DOWN.