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Portfolio Review FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Building serious wealth through equity investments requires two specific factors:

  • Investment in growing companies
  • High strength stock price

Using StockAxis’ portfolio review services will assess both these factors while analysing your stock portfolio.

StockAxis applies its proprietary algorithm-based rating parameters to the stocks that you own, which assesses each company holistically with respect to:

  • fundamentals (financials, business quality, industry, etc.) and
  • technicals (stock price strength, volumes, etc.).
    Based on this in-depth assessment, we recommend ‘Hold’, ‘Switch’, ‘Reduce’ or ‘Accumulate’ for each stock that you hold.

    Each recommendation is highlighted in ‘Red’, ‘Orange’, ‘Yellow’ or ‘Green’ dots to indicate the urgency of action you need to take for each recommendation (with a red dot indicating very high urgency, an orange dot indicating high urgency, etc.).

Our portfolio review service is at your disposal free of charge. We offer this service keeping in mind your best interests.

There are two ways to submit your equity portfolio:

  1. Manual Update:
    Here, you may type the name of the equities in your portfolio one after another along with the holding quantities. Please note that the system will provide suggestions as you enter the equity name. You may select the appropriate name.
  2. Bulk Upload:
    Upload your portfolio file in excel word or pdf format. We will notify you once your portfolio is updated. If you wish to see the analysis instantly, enter portfolio using manual update option.

You get a call from us on your scheduled date and time. Our research analyst will provide feedback about the analysis of your portfolio and how you could optimize it. After that, you may request for the review of your portfolio via email.