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The MILARS® Strategy

This powerful investment strategy is based on six guiding principles


We have found that 3 out of 4 stocks move in the same direction as the broader market. Does your portfolio move with the market too?

We can help you buy the right stock at the right time!


Did you know that every market cycle has different trending Industries? Our leading Stocks belong to these leading industries!

We make sure that your portfolio makes the most of the Industrial trends.


Leading companies are not always the big names we hear about. These are the companies which are growing and succeeding real fast.

We bring you the chance to invest in the best.

in Earnings

We do not underestimate the importance of earnings and neither do the Institutional Investors.

We make sure that you own companies which are really doing well!


Price really does reflect everything! We believe in price & we believe in sustainability.

Our proprietary rating tool is designed to capture all the important price movements & to determine their strengths so that you can get just the right price.


Selling your stocks at the right time is just as important as buying them at the right time.

With MILARS’s unique selling rules, you are bound to cut off the losers and only ride the winners!

MILARS® Portfolio Information

Fact Sheet

Company Reco. Price Reco. Date Profit Booked Duration
Rs. 398.00 Jan 01, 2021 40.20%
2 Months
Rs. 1863.00 Dec 28, 2020 63.71%
1.2 Months
Rs. 599.00 Nov 13, 2020 70.28%
3.9 Months
Rs. 4030.00 Nov 10, 2020 44.47%
3.3 Months
Rs. 2655.00 Oct 05, 2020 25.79%
3.7 Months
Rs. 1014.50 Sep 18, 2020 38.59%
6 Months
Rs. 421.00 Aug 27, 2020 53.68%
6.7 Months
Rs. 2720.00 Aug 03, 2020 30.00%
7.4 Months
Rs. 1779.00 Jul 27, 2020 58.91%
7.8 Months
Rs. 2450.00 Jul 23, 2020 104.90%
1.9 Months

MILARS® Portfolio Pricing

Maximize your wealth

Upfront Fee


Returns Based Fee


of the returns charged quarterly.
  • Frequency of charge
  • High Watermark Applicable
    Yes. The service will be rolled over for further three months in case the portfolio size at the end of the quarter is less than the highest watermarked amount.
Value Added Services:
  • Diversification & Active portfolio monitoring
  • Access to a dedicated account manager
  • Recommendations via SMS, email & mobile app notifications at real-time
  • Online access to the portfolio performance

Equity Research Team

Meet Our Analyst

Daljeet Singh Kohli

Daljeet Singh Kohli

Chief Investment Officer
Daljeet Singh is the Chief Investment Officer, managing overall investment strategy and portfolio construction at StockAxis. Read more...
Pankit Shah, CA

Pankit Shah, CA

Equity Analyst
Pankit is a Chartered Accountant and has received a bachelor’s degree in commerce from Mumbai University. Prior to joining StockAxis, he was previously with SRBC & Co. (Member firm of Ernst & Young).
Brijesh Singh

Brijesh Singh

Sr. Technical Research Analyst
Brijesh has been with StockAxis since June 2015. He has 10 years of experience. Prior to joining StockAxis, he was with Karvy Securities. He is an MBA specialized in financial markets.
Jay Shah

Jay Shah

Equity Analyst
Jay has been with StockAxis since June 2019 and focuses on opportunities in midcap and Smallcap companies. He has 3 years of experience in identifying Multibagger stocks. Jay has received a CA (Inter) and a bachelor’s degree in commerce from Mumbai University.
Yash Doshi

Yash Doshi

Equity Analyst
Yash has been with StockAxis since May 2019 and was previously with Motilal Oswal in their institutional research team. He has 3 years of experience in fundamental research. Yash is an MBA in Finance from Mumbai University.
Rushil Selarka

Rushil Selarka

Equity Analyst
Rushil has done an MBA in finance from Sies college of management studies. Prior to Stockaxis , he was previously with Pionner Invest Corp Ltd as an equity analyst. He has 3 years of experience in fundamental research.


Our Clients' words say everything


“ Portfolios advised by you are wealth creator. I am thankful to you and your supportive staff. ”

-Gajender Singh (Feb 04, 2020)

“ Good support and service. Excellent support provided. ”

-Vikas Garg (Jan 25, 2020)

“ It helps to rearrange my stock investment and also help me to recover earlier loss and a great service provided. Thanks. ”

-Gaurav Maghanlal Patel (Jan 22, 2020)

“ Quite impressed by your service ”

-P Ramakrishna Bhat (Jan 15, 2020)

“ I am very much satisfied of your services. The Stock selection and timing of stock selection is very much good. ”

-Nikita Dani (Jan 01, 2020)

“ Services are excellent ”

-Subhash Chand Singhal (Dec 18, 2019)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common Questions

MILARS Portfolio Service is the perfect choice for investors who are looking for expert assistance in building a growth portfolio in Indian equity markets while also retaining control over their investments.
MILARS aims at building a quality portfolio which can generate wealth for the investors over a long-term horizon. The idea is to hold only high quality, fundamentally sound stocks which are bought at the correct valuations to ensure maximum profitability with reasonable risk.

MILARS Portfolio Service research is backed by the MILARS strategy, which consists of the six guiding pillars and upholds our investment philosophy. Your portfolio will contain an optimum mix of stocks based on the size of your investment corpus.
MILARS, being a Portfolio Service, will recommend stocks based on the MILARS guiding principles. You will need to execute trades with your own broker.
We believe in complete transparency and understand that the investors require to know where they have invested their hard-earned money and why. Investors will have complete access to the research reports of their respective investments.
We strive to beat the benchmark (NIFTY) returns every year. Our back-tested data suggests returns of over 35% per annum by diligently following the MILARS Portfolio.

MILARS will help you build a portfolio with a long-term view and stocks will be added or removed according to the strategy.
No. With MILARS Portfolio Service, all you have to do is invest and rest. We will constantly track your portfolio and notify you if or when any changes in the positions are required. However, you can track your investments if you desire.
You can upload and track your portfolio via your dashboard in our website and mobile application.
You require a minimum corpus of 5 lakhs to start building your MILARS Portfolio.
Yes, you can add more funds in your portfolio at any time and your portfolio will be rebalanced by MILARS.
You don’t pay anything until our strategy works for you. We offer MILARS at a zero fixed fee. We only charge a variable quarterly fee of 15% of the profit.
In case the portfolio value turns negative due to various market dynamics, MILARS Portfolio Service will charge zero fees for that quarter and the services for the next quarter will be activated automatically.
MILARS Portfolio Service is an investment medium which requires you to pay zero front end charges. You only pay a fixed percentile of your profit, unlike various Portfolio Management Services (PMS) which charge a hefty fee right from the beginning. Also, you retain complete control over your funds in MILARS Portfolio Service.
Click here to start MILARS Portfolio Service at Zero upfront fee.

Webinar on Portfolio Strategy MILARS®

Daljeet Singh Kohli, CIO, StockAxis