Little Masters

High quality small cap companies which are at their nascent stage and are likely to give multibagger returns.


The objective of this service is to research and recommend companies wherein the clients can enjoy the benefit of potential growth offered by small-cap stocks.

These companies are either at their nascent or developing stage and are under-researched and comparatively unexplored. Although relatively volatile in the short run, small-cap companies have immense potential to deliver higher growth in the long-term horizon.

Why Smallcap Stocks?

Small-cap companies with healthy corporate earnings, robust outlook and strong management are considered to be attractive stocks as they are more likely to grow exponentially. Choosing Quality small caps involves an in-depth study of valuations while making sure that the small-cap companies have retained their fundamental strength despite the volatility in the markets at any given point.

StockAxis uses its incisive fundamental research to spot strong small-cap stocks of companies in growing sectors run by honest management and with sound business models.

Little Masters - Key Traits

A proven approach for wealth creation

Stocks Recommendation

Stocks Recommendation:

Bottom up approach, focus towards business with scalability, and significant opportunity for re-rating of stocks with an aim to deliver superior returns in the long term.

Stocks Recommendation


12 – 15 positions in a year.

Stocks Recommendation



Stocks Recommendation

Possible Risk:

Business model does not scale up, liquidity risk and high volatility in Returns Regular Rebalancing. Stocks with deteriorating factors will be advised to be sold and / or replaced with stronger positions.

Stocks Recommendation

Recommended Investment Tenure:

3 years to get optimum return.

Stocks Recommendation

Value added services:

  • Access to Research Analysts.
  • Recommendations via SMS, email & mobile app notifications at real-time.
  • Research Reports & Regular Updates.
  • A Dedicated Relationship Manager.
  • Access to the recommended stocks via Web Login and Mobile App.

Current Portfolio Information

Fact Sheet

Company Reco. Price Reco. Date Gain/Loss % Duration
Rs. 796.00 Jan 24, 2023 93% 5 Months
Rs. 3913.00 May 09, 2022 109% 13 Months
Rs. 1945.00 Feb 17, 2023 51% 4 Months
Rs. 411.00 Jan 31, 2023 32% 5 Months
Rs. 229.00 May 26, 2023 14% 11 Days
Rs. 3490.00 Jan 12, 2023 14% 5 Months
Rs. 156.50 Apr 03, 2023 76% 2 Months
Rs. 443.00 Dec 28, 2022 44% 6 Months
Rs. 278.00 Aug 26, 2022 31% 10 Months
Rs. 1052.00 Apr 06, 2023 45% 1 Month


Frequently Asked Questions

According to SEBI’s Market Cap categorization, the top 100 companies in terms of market capitalisation are considered to be large caps. Further 101st to 250th companies are considered to be Mid-caps and companies ranked from 251st onwards are considered to be small caps.

This strategy takes a bottom-up and valuation-driven approach that seeks to identify and advise in small-cap stocks that are attractively valued versus their long-term fundamentals.

Little Masters can be risky if you invest without proper research and not factor in the valuations of the company, However, StockAxis ensures that you invest at opportune levels and in fundamentally strong companies. We also maintain a close track on these companies so that we can make sure that your risk is balanced.

Small-cap stocks can be volatile in the short run, but these quality companies have the potential to deliver higher growth in the long term trajectory. In order to gain optimum returns, we recommend an investment period of 2 – 3 years.

No. With Little Masters, all you have to do is invest and rest. We will maintain a constant track of your portfolio and notify you if or when any changes in the positions are required. However, you can maintain a track on your investments if you desire.