Investment Philosophy

Our Aim Is To Be India's Most Trusted Research Entity

At StockAxis, we believe in research, study and deep analysis of each investment that we recommend

How we recommend stocks:

StockAxis’ proprietary algorithm used for stock analysis:

Every stock is analysed using our proprietary algorithm which has been conceptualized, created, tested and proven robust over the years.

Stock trends closely assessed:

We closely assess stock trends; only when a stock is on a substantiated uptrend do we recommend it, and vice versa.

Leading stocks recommended:

We recommend only leading stocks in a focus sector. Our research strongly indicates that when a sector is on an upcycle, the leading stocks in that sector move up on the strength of the sector.

Strong EPS growth:

We recommend stocks that have shown a strong EPS growth in the past 3 years giving added weight-age to the most recent quarter results.

Technical analysis used:

We validate our stock picks with technical analysis.

Market rally analysed:

We recommend ‘buy points’ of our focus stocks in sync with a market rally.

Buy - New highs along with high volumes:

We recommend stocks which have achieved new highs along with high volumes.

Sell - New lows along with high volumes:

We recommend ‘sell points’ of our stocks based on new lows combined with high volumes.

Price-volume combination analysed:

Our recommendations include a combination of price and volume actions.

Stop-losses strictly adhered to:

We strictly adhere to our pre-set stop losses without any exceptions; remember it takes 100% gain to recover a 50% loss. Cutting your losses is like paying insurance premium.

‘Averaging down’ is wrong:

We don’t believe in ‘averaging down’, i.e. buying more when the price of the stock falls.

Objectivity strictly adhered to:

We don’t let emotions enter into our recommendations - we recommend ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ purely on our research and analysis.

‘Buy & hold’ without monitoring is wrong:

Every stock that we recommend is closely monitored till our target price is achieved; we don’t believe in ‘buy’ and ‘hold’ without a target price and stop loss.

Institutional investments monitored:

Our research includes monitoring institutional holding; higher institutional holding is a positive sign for a stock, and vice versa.

Rumours ignored:

We never advise to buy or sell stocks on tips or rumours; we strictly follow this rule.

Markets are never wrong:

We strongly believe - “Markets are never wrong - opinions often are.”

StockAxis’ Research Insights

Biggest gains within first 8 years after IPO:

Our analysis indicates that stocks tend to make their biggest gains within the first 8 years after their initial public offering (IPO).

Bear market - About 72% decline in price of a stock:

In a bear market, the average decline of a leading stock is about 72%.

Bull market - Only 1 out of 8 stocks come back as leaders:

Only 1 out of 8 stocks will come back to lead in the next bull market.

4-5 distribution days over 4 weeks = move to cash:

Our research indicates that 4-5 distribution days (high volume; market in downtrend) over the past 4 weeks is a sign that the market is in a downtrend and it’s time to be in cash.

Bull markets - 3-4 years Bear markets - 6-18 months:

On an average, bull markets last for 3 to 4 years and bear markets for 6 months to 18 months although longer bull and bear markets have been witnessed in the past.

In stock markets - history repeats itself:

Our extensive research, spanning the start of the Indian stock markets to the present, indicates that history definitely repeats itself in the stock market.

NIFTY 17,853.20 0.17% SENSEX 60,048.47 0.27% BANKNIFTY 37,830.30 0.16% ADANIPORTS 744.80 -1.29% ASIANPAINT 3,448.60 3.85% AXISBANK 798.05 -1.74% BAJAJ-AUTO 3,809.80 0.28% BAJAJFINSV 18,526.00 0.12% BAJFINANCE 7,793.40 -1.34% BHARTIARTL 739.40 1.73% BPCL 414.80 -1.23% BRITANNIA 4,042.90 0.01% CIPLA 967.65 -0.05% COALINDIA 166.10 -0.75% DRREDDY 4,790.35 -0.14% EICHERMOT 2,931.00 2.59% GAIL 152.60 -0.20% GRASIM 1,629.75 1.43% HCLTECH 1,358.20 2.25% HDFC 2,839.00 0.77% HDFCBANK 1,601.55 2.01% HEROMOTOCO 2,833.45 -0.69% HINDALCO 478.75 -0.93% HINDUNILVR 2,746.65 -1.28% IBULHSGFIN 225.85 -1.65% ICICIBANK 722.95 0.83% INDUSINDBK 1,163.05 -0.52% INDUSTOWER 317.65 13.83% INFY 1,763.85 1.22% IOC 117.25 -0.64% ITC 238.45 -1.67% JSWSTEEL 659.15 -2.67% KOTAKBANK 2,028.10 0.20% LT 1,768.75 -0.05% M&M 779.45 2.77% MARUTI 6,952.25 1.54% NTPC 124.25 -1.55% ONGC 136.10 -1.20% POWERGRID 176.15 -1.18% RELIANCE 2,482.70 -0.29% SBIN 440.75 -2.01% SUNPHARMA 770.45 0.08% TATAMOTORS 317.95 -1.10% TATASTEEL 1,272.10 -3.53% TCS 3,871.30 0.05% TECHM 1,514.75 -0.44% TITAN 2,092.90 -0.58% ULTRACEMCO 7,521.50 -1.29% UPL 718.65 -1.13% VEDL 293.10 -2.17% WIPRO 676.50 0.33% YESBANK 12.85 -1.15% ZEEL 318.90 0.22%