Cashback Points


Earning Cash Back Points - Earn points 24x7 when you subscribe at

Under this Offer, any investor who subscribe to our advisory service(s) and makes the payment online or offline, will be entitled to receive a Cash Back Points of 10% on the total amount of the fees (inclusive of taxes) paid by you.


Suppose, if you are willing to subscribe to our Equity Advisory Services. The subscription fee is Rs. 40,000 (Advisory Fees Rs. 33,898 + GST Rs. 6,102) for a year which is inclusive of the GST. You will be rewarded by 4,000 cash back points which you can utilize during your renewal or subscribing to another service.

1 Cash Back Point is equivalent to Re 1 earned.

Cash Back Points will be automatically credited in your StockAxis Wallet while making payment online to subscribe our services through The Cash Back points will be credited at the time of activation of your service.

Cash Back Points earned are of the same value, irrespective of whether payment is done by Credit/Debit card / Net banking/ EMI or direct deposit in bank.

Redemption of Cash Back Points

To redeem Cash Back Points, please tick on the check box while subscribing the services.

Cash Back Points can also be used to subscribe for our other advisory service. This subscription will also earn the Cash Back Points which can be utilized during renewal of the services or to subscribe other services.

StockAxis Cash Back Points should be redeemed within its validity period, failing which the Cash Back Points will automatically lapse.

Redemption Structure

Maximum Rs. 2000 from wallet can be use on payable amount of Rs. 27000 – Rs. 29999
Maximum Rs. 5000 from wallet can be use on payable amount of Rs. 30000 – Rs. 39999
Maximum Rs. 10000 from wallet can be use on payable amount of above Rs. 40000

Track your Cash Back Points

Login/Register to your dashboard to view your Cash Back Points. Your Cash Back Points also appear on the StockAxis Mobile App for your convenience.

Cash Back Points will be credited and can be redeemed only against the mobile number provided during payment. It will be reflected in your StockAxis Wallet.

General conditions

No two offers or discounts can be clubbed together unless specified otherwise.
Cash Back Points are not redeemable for cash. They are not transferable.
No discount of any type can be availed of when a Cash Back Points is being used.
Cash Back Points should be redeemed within the subscription period after which the Cash Back Points will automatically lapse.
Once Cash Back Points are redeemed or lapsed they cannot be reinstated under any circumstances.