Demonetization - How Does It Affect You As An Investor?

Demonetization - How Does It Affect You As An Investor?

17 comments: Demonetization - How Does It Affect You As An Investor?

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  • ahmad        
    dec 21,2016 at 02:01 - Reply

    Nice Blog!!

  • ahmad        
    SubbaReddy Badvel
    dec 16,2016 at 05:24 - Reply

    It is better analysis.Eye opener

  • ahmad        
    s. m. kumbhar
    nov 28,2016 at 07:40 - Reply

    As like market the mind is also volatile about investment in stock. because our banks rate cut, us fed rate hike make more confused state of mind. now can you suggest which best time to invest in market so that we can get good reruns. is this time to do option and futures?

  • ahmad        
    vishal c shah
    nov 25,2016 at 02:03 - Reply

    which stock to purches for atleast 3 year holding?

  • ahmad        
    nov 23,2016 at 08:42 - Reply

    This is a good article on demonetisation. But one very positive aspect has been overlooked. So far people were used to keep their money in their almirahs and thus depriving themselves from earning interest on this amount. With the compulsory parking of the fund, now they will be earning interest on it , which they were not getting so far. Even a small interest on regular basis depending on such amount being parked with the bank, it becomes a big sum in the life of a person. This way both are gaining e.i. Banks getting low cost fund and general public getting interest, however small it may be. Another point is cash purchase. I don't see any problem in making cash purchases. If I have deposited my money in the banks, which so far I had kept in my house; I can withdraw the same and make purchases. The only thing for the time being is the restriction of withdrawal of Rs 24000/- in a week e.i. Rs 96000/- in a month. Unless some large purchase is required, this money is sufficient for a common man. A wealthy man can always pay through cheque or debit card or online. The weekly limit of withdrawal is definitely going to be removed in future. This can't continue for ever. All the trouble is for black (illegal) money holders and we have no sympathy for them.

    • ahmad        
      Team StockAxis
      nov 28,2016 at 03:43

      Hello Mr. Agrawal,

      Thank you very much for your remarks. Do let us know in case you have any queries related to the stock market, we'll be happy to assist you!

      You can write to us at and we will be happy to help you out!

      In the meanwhile, do read How to Pick Best Industry Groups While Selecting Stocks

      We would love your feedback!
      Happy Investing!

  • ahmad        
    B. S. Thind
    nov 23,2016 at 12:10 - Reply

    seems to be true as commented above.god help &bless !

  • ahmad        
    S k shukla
    nov 23,2016 at 07:29 - Reply

    The article is very informative.very good article.

  • ahmad        
    Om Parkash Verma
    nov 22,2016 at 09:57 - Reply

    Despite all the temporary adverse effects due to demonetization , the long term gains will be enormous. Our economy will be on rail. Banks would have enough cash to implement growth oriented plans for the benefit of commmoner .

  • ahmad        
    Deepak Vohra
    nov 22,2016 at 09:48 - Reply

    Dear team this time you told very limited impact of demonetization (biggest economic reforms) , hopefully we know more about sectors, GDP, currency effect and long run impacts on next articles.

  • ahmad        
    Narendra Chaudhary
    nov 22,2016 at 08:09 - Reply

    Good analysis, Send details

  • ahmad        
    Harish Bansal
    nov 22,2016 at 07:51 - Reply

    In the same vain if all money of Indians in foreign banks was to return econo my shall be in rude shock as value of foreign currency will decline and local manufacturers shall be put to huge losses and only those who run their businesses efficiently will survive.Every action has reaction and we should be prepared for the same as in case of demonisation.

  • ahmad        
    Anbalagan Venkat
    nov 22,2016 at 07:49 - Reply

    Good article.

  • ahmad        
    Samrat Paul
    nov 22,2016 at 06:21 - Reply

    How to earn money in share market I lost 3 lakhs since 2 months in options

  • ahmad        
    Yashwanth Achar
    nov 22,2016 at 05:56 - Reply

    My naive mind assumes to extend the effect of demonetisation effect on us till the end of March 2017!

  • ahmad        
    Prakaash Jumaani
    nov 22,2016 at 05:55 - Reply

    If the PM had started off first with the BTT ( Banking Transaction Tax) even at 0.5%, which necessarily demands demonetization, it would have worked better for the economic wellbeing of the country and the common man. This exercise of direct demonetization is ill planned without any backup, which can set back the country by at least 2 years economically. BTT would have given a boost to the economy by reduction of taxes all round, a sense of productivity without any fear and would have automatically flushed out the black money, since there would be no incentive for anyone to indulge in this.

  • ahmad        
    Zaheer Ahmed
    nov 22,2016 at 05:40 - Reply

    Surgical strike type of article. It has put the spotlight where it really means to hurt. One can gain a lot from the insight on the existing investment, banking, future volatility and the currency crunch as a whole. Thanks for this timely highlight. I write from Saudi Arabia.

  • ahmad        
    nov 22,2016 at 05:21 - Reply

    What about housing finance company??