Is Money Lying Idle In Your Bank Account A Good Option?

Dec 20, 2016

We’re sure that you might have received enough mails and messages on how demonetization should change the way you think, how should it change the way you now look at stock prices, and many more such practicalities. Still, from the past 45 odd days, we’ve been continuously been receiving lots and lots of queries from all our subscribers, with regards to what should their stance be on the idle funds that they have lying in their bank accounts. (...)

Markets In November 2016 : Movers & Shakers Of The Month

December 07, 2016

November had a truly historical event, one that the Indian investors have seen just twice before (1946 and 1978), making most major indices register some of the biggest ever intraday falls; the impact of which is still seen in the market. The month turned out to be a totally different experience for many and a forgettable one for most. (...)

Institutional Sponsorship - Boon or Bane?

Oct 01, 2016

Like we saw in one of our previous articles, on the ‘Law Of Supply & Demand – An Analyst’s Point Of View’, we should now be well versed with the fact that institutions like mutual funds, pension funds, hedge funds, insurance companies and banks generate that big demand which eventually pushes the stock price up or down, depending on the quantity and speed with which they buy or sell. (...)