Large Cap Focus

The key to successful investment is limiting your risk. StockAxis Equity Research Largecaps are established Bluechips that are sure to add stability to your Portfolio!


  • Quality Bluechips.
  • Large-cap Gems.
  • Established Businesses with stable revenue.
  • Risk-averse equity investment.

Right for you if

  • Are a risk-averse investor.
  • Seeking low-risk stable returns.
  • Want to benefit from Large caps.
  • Desire to add stability to your portfolio.
  • Are patient & seeking long term investment.
  • Want tax efficient long term gains.
  • Need quality research.

You Get

  • 12 - 15 recommendations per year.
  • In-depth Research Reports for your recommendations.
  • Real-time digital recommendations via SMS, email & mobile app notifications.
  • Support from your allotted Relationship Manager.

Current Portfolio Information

Fact Sheet

Company Reco. Price Reco. Date Gain/Loss % Duration
Rs. 469.00 Mar 20, 2023 23% 3 Months
Rs. 2730.00 May 05, 2023 07% 1 Month
Rs. 3125.00 Oct 19, 2022 22% 8 Months
Rs. 2967.00 Feb 09, 2023 22% 4 Months
Rs. 350.00 Aug 02, 2021 40% 22 Months
Rs. 948.00 Mar 22, 2023 12% 2 Months
Rs. 701.00 Oct 27, 2021 27% 19 Months
Rs. 3050.00 Jan 19, 2023 10% 4 Months
Rs. 476.00 Mar 06, 2023 03% 2 Months
Rs. 2015.00 Jan 13, 2022 20% 16 Months


Frequently Asked Questions

That depends on what your investment objectives are. If you are a long-term investor seeking sound fundamental companies that can generate sustainable wealth for your equity portfolio, then we believe you have found exactly what you are looking for!

Choosing sound fundamental large cap stocks can eventually lead to sustainable returns that requires institutional level research which requires expertise, dedication & resources. Large Cap Focus brings you all of that and more so that your portfolio is empowered & filled with quality companies. After all, quality research is the key to quality returns.

With StockAxis Large Cap Focus, you get to know what to buy, when to buy & why to buy. All you have to do is execute the trades once you receive our recommendations & then watch your equity portfolio grow.

You shall receive the recommendations on a real-time basis via SMS, E-mail & App notification.

You deserve to know why you are investing in our recommendations. We promise to keep you updated and share all the research reports with you via E-mail.

You can easily keep track of your recommendations by logging in to our website or mobile app. You can also choose to invest & rest as we are constantly keeping track for you.

Fret not! You shall be allotted a Relationship Manager who shall accompany you on your investment journey with StockAxis & will ensure that all your queries are answered.

If so, our research analysts are just a call away & shall be happy to assist you.

All you need to start generating wealth by investing in our market leaders is capital. That’s It!

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