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Blue-Chip Stocks

Blue-Chip Stocks

Blue-chip companies are qualified as high-quality and usually large cap companies. Typically, they have been in business for many years and are considered to be very stable with their revenues which are growing consistently. Sound fundamental companies with a solid track record of generating revenues – hand-picked by StockAxis through its deep research, extensive experience and insights.

The objective is to identify companies which are potential leaders in their respective sectors with an aim to generate long term capital appreciation.

StockAxis’ ‘Blue-Chip’ team of research analysts have years of experience in spotting fundamentally strong and stable businesses with consistent revenue growth using a combination of secondary and primary research. The StockAxis ‘Blue-Chip’ team looks for well-established businesses that are on a growth trajectory over a 12-month period. These businesses are spotted through extensive research and analysis which include past performance, track record of the promoters and management, growth stage of the industry the business belongs to, its competitors, etc. Adding these stocks to your portfolio will help you limit your downside risk while earning optimum returns from these blue-chip stocks.

StockAxis follows 4 key stages of screening potential Blue-Chip picks:

Step 1: Fundamental strength at the right ‘buy’ point
The ‘Blue-Chip’ investment team uses a number of proprietary screening tools to shortlist stocks (among the large universe of companies) that meet the parameters of having fundamental strength while being available at the right ‘buy’ point.

Step 2: In-depth fundamental research
The StockAxis ‘Blue-Chip’ research team undertakes rigorous fundamental analysis of the shortlisted potential blue-chip stocks. These potential valuation outliers must meet parameters such as earnings growth, profitability parameters, management experience and competence, return on equity benchmarks, competition analysis, etc. These companies if available at an attractive valuation which has the potential to create wealth in the medium to long term are shortlisted for further Macro Research i.e. Industry, management strategies and reputation, track record etc.

Step 3: Macro research
Through our disciplined, research-intensive approach, we examine company and industry prospects over the intermediate and long term, working to understand and anticipate how industries and businesses will change over time.

Step 4: Stock monitoring and review
The strongest stock ideas from the above research process become candidates for recommendation. These stocks are actively monitored till the position is open.

  • Meets StockAxis’ proprietary screening tools
  • Mainly Large cap companies on a growth trajectory
  • Strong fundamentals
  • Available at the right ‘buy’ point
  • Expectation of exponential price rise over a 12-month period

StockAxis applies bottom-up fundamental research to uncover blue-chip stocks that are on a growth trajectory, available at the right ‘buy’ point with the potential to rise exponentially over a 12-month period. We bring to our customers such companies at attractive valuations to maximise their investment returns.

Number of Recommendations over the year
6-8 stocks
Holding period
~12 months
Potential upside:
15% - 20% per recommendation
StockAxis’ support services
  • Direct touch with Fundamental Research Analysts
  • Recommendations via sms, email & app notifications at real time
  • Research reports & updates via email
  • Dedicated relationship manager
  • Full support on your invested portfolio

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